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Breeder Charter Q & A's

Why do you have a Breeder Charter?

Petplan have been working with breeders for over 35 years and understand that most breeders want to give their animals the best start in life and take great care to find the right homes for their puppies and kittens. Our aim is to provide an ethical, efficient and friendly service in accordance with good industry practice.

The Petplan Breeder Charter outlines our terms of business to help ensure all the breeders we work with breed and sell puppies and kittens responsibly. By activating 4 weeks free Petplan insurance you agree to abide to this charter.

Why have you changed the charter?

The new charter has been revised in line with new Animal Welfare Act legislation which aims to crack down on illegal breeders and help protect thousands of puppies and kittens in the UK.

What are the key differences in the new charter?

Upper age limit - It is now illegal to sell puppies and kittens younger than eight weeks of age.

Breeding License - The number of litters you can produce without a license has reduced from five to three litters. Anyone breeding and selling three or more litters a year must apply for a formal license.

What should I do if I can’t comply with any part of the Breeder Charter?

If you have any concerns about your ability to comply with the Breeder Charter please call Breederline on 0330 100 9681 and we can discuss your individual situation.

Why do you monitor claims from the puppies/kittens I sell?

Petplan is committed to working with responsible breeders who breed and care for litters in line with good industry practice. Petplan is committed to animal welfare and we monitor the claims that we receive on Instant Puppy and Instant Kitten policies and contact breeders as necessary where there is an usually high incidence of illness or injury claims within the litters they produce.

In some instances breeders may be unaware that their litters are prone to particular conditions and this can be addressed by simply changing the way they manage their litter or the information they provide to new owners. In more extreme cases if it is felt that a breeder is not breeding animals in good health we may amend or remove the breeders authority to issue 4 weeks free Petplan insurance.